How To Grow Tomatoes? – Find Growing Tomatoes For Beginners!

Are you going to be growing tomatoes in your home for the first time? Here are all the tips you need for a healthy fruitful plant. Let’s see how to grow tomatoes? 

How To Grow Tomatoes In Pots?- A Step-By-Step Guide

Although you do not have enough space in your garden or love to grow in pots, check out now.. 

For this, you can use any containers which can be found easily from your home. It can be either plastic or clay pots or used ice-cream containers, used buckets, and so on. 

First, make a few holes in the bottom of pots to facilitate the drainage. Then place stones at the bottom. Next, fill with a potting mixture including compost and surface soil in a 2:1 ratio. Then plant your ready-to-grow tomato plant and cover it with soil. Leave one inch of space from the top of the pot. Spray water to moisten the soil with spray bottles. You should water three times per day if it is too hot, if not twice a day is enough. Feed your plants once a month. For that, you can make your own compost at your home by using kitchen waste (organic fertilizer). You can use egg shells, vegetables, meat or fish-washed water, tea waste, fruits part, etc. Support your tomato plants by tying the stems to stakes or cages. Provide direct light for up to 10 to 12 hours (University of Florida). Until you see fruit, you have to take care of your plants well.


How To Grow Tomatoes From Seeds?- Here are the easiest ways!

Do you have tomato seeds? We will guide you how to grow tomatoes from seeds? Be with us!. 

No matter which variety you choose, if you wish to know it you can check the article below.  .

First, take  healthy tomato seeds and sow seeds at the right time. Here the right time means the last frost date for your region and count backwards by six to eight weeks. Take a container that can be a plastic tray, pots or cleanes yogurt cups, egg cartoons, milk cartons and so on. These are things you can find easily from your kitchen. 

After that, fill it with compost and soil. Spray water to soil by a spray bottle to moisten seed beds. Then plant seeds one quarter inch deep. If you sow seeds deeply, you will never see them again , therefore make sure you sow seeds at the right depth. 

Place it where there is plenty of light. It is because seeds need enough light for germination. From time to time you to have to water to prevent the bed from getting dried. Then feed the seedlings. After four to five days you will be able to see the first true leaves. Then after you can harden your seedlings prior to transplant. Later on, you can do transplanting to get healthy fruitful plants. This is a simple and suitable way to grow tomatoes easily in your home. 

How To Grow Tomatoes Indoor?

If you have less space or a shorter growing season, or no place to garden outdoors, do not worry! Still, you can grow it as houseplants. Put your green thumb to work to harvest tasty tomatoes indoors.


According to the University of Florida, small varieties are best to grow indoors. You can use seeds or plants to grow tomatoes. You can follow the steps and management practices mentioned under how to grow tomatoes from seed and how to grow tomatoes in pots to grow tomatoes indoor. Additionally you have to know these things to plant tomatoes indoors. Indoor tomatoes need a steady nutrient supply. Most of the research Institutes are recommended to use organic fertilizers for indoor tomatoes. You should provide additional lights and water to promote the flowering. Although, tomato pests are not common for indoor tomatoes, it is better to know how to control pests in tomatoes. You can remove pests by hand or can wash them by spraying water and still if you are facing the problem of  pests,  use pesticides. During the cold season you can grow tomatoes in a heat mat. 

If you wish you can grow tomatoes in hanging baskets too.

How To Grow Tomatoes In Winter?

Tomatoes have high demand in early winter and summer but in winter, production is very low due to poor sunlight. You can plant your tomatoes in pots and place them indoors.You should provide sufficient light/ temperature, 75-85OF , for that keep your pots near to windows. Turn your plant frequently. Each side needs to get sufficient light. . Do not add too much water , it will result in fungal diseases. During winter, pollinators will not be found so you can do hand pollination. For that watch the video below. 

How To Grow Tomatoes From Tomatoes? – More tips 

If you have tomatoes in your kitchen, try it this way. Take a ripened tomato. Cut into 1mm thickness pieces. Take a container or tray and fill it with compost and surface soil (2:1 ratio). Then place the cut pieces one by one within the 1-inch gap. Cover with soil slightly. Then place the tray in a cool dry place until you see seedlings. If you see the seedbed is dry then make sure to water adequately. Once seedlings grow well they can transplant to new containers. 


Now you have got more on how to grow tomatoes in different ways. You can plant your tomatoes from one of the methods described above. If you wish to know more about tomato reading , ‘Cultivation of Tomato’ by : Shankara Naika, Joep van Lidt de Jeude, Marja de Goffau, Martin Hilmi, Barbara.

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