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All The Things You Should Know About Macrame Hanging Plants

All The Things You Should Know About Macrame Hanging Plants


Making your plant hangers with a boho-chic flair is trendy and easy with macrame, the knotting technique. It’s a 1970s trend that has come back and is even
Greater than before. If you love plants, you’ll adore how these hangers will showcase your plants both inside and outside. So, let’s continue to explore how you can
Decorate your space with macrame-hanging plants.

hanging plants

An Overview of Macrame

Macrame handlooms have been famous for a long time. It was popular in Arabic weavers around the 13th century, and it was also popular in the Victorian era and the
1970s. So, this comeback trend of macrame is not a surprise.

With a little bit of practice, anyone can learn how to make macrame, a decorative knotting craft. It’s an excellent method for producing attractive and valuable works of
art, such as plant hangers, wall hangings, curtains, and more.

You may think creating a macrame hanging is a challenging task. But the truth is, making macrame-hanging plants is quite simple to learn. Just some cotton
cord and an open mind are all that you want to start. Not many special tools.

A simple step-by-step guide to creating a macrame hanging plant holders

There are many methods to create macrame hanging plants. But here’s a very common and straightforward way to create DIY macrame hanging plants. Follow
these macrame hanging plants instructions to make your one as an artist.

Material requirements

● Eight pieces of 15 ft cotton cords (Thickness – 3.1mm).
● 2″ brass ring.
● Two pieces of 5 ft ropes.
● A scissor or paper cutter.

hanging plants How to make a macrame plant hanging


1. Get the eight pieces of cord together and fold them in half.
2. Then, loop them through the ring.
3. Tie a loop knot directly beneath the ring with your 5ft long piece of string.
4. Make a square knot with four strands. Repeat it six times.
5. Repeat this pattern with the following quartet of four cards, then do the same with the remaining cards.
6. Leave a space of about 2 1/2 inches and bind a half-square knot.
7. Continue until you have an inch spiral.

8. To tie the remaining knot groups, repeat this pattern.
9. Leave a space of 6 inches, then use the two right cards from the first group and the two left cords from the next group to make a crossover square knot.
10. Do the same with all the knot groups.
11. Leave a space of 6 inches, then use the same cards from the last step to make another crossover square knot.
12. Leave a space of 3 1/2 inches and make a loop knot.
13. To finish with a tassel, cut off any extra cord.

Decorate your macrame hanging plant holders

Now you have a clear idea about making a macrame plant hanger with a few simple steps. Then, you can continue to decorate your hangers. So, let’s see two simple
methods to decorate your macrame hangers.

Dip-Dyed macrame hanger decoration

A simple way to give your macrame hanger some colour is to dip-dye it. Remember that the colour will become darker the longer you soak that in the dye solution.
Here are five simple steps to dip-dye a macrame plant hanger:

1. Prepare the dye solution following the directions on the packaging. To avoid stains, make sure to use a large glass jar or bowl.
2. Carefully insert the hanger into the mixture until it is submerged for about a third of its length.
3. Place a wooden dowel through the upper portion of the macrame hanger and over the jar or bowl’s opening. This will hold the plant hanger up while dying the lower part of the item. Wait 30 minutes until it absorbs colours into the hanger.
4. Take the plant hanger out of the dye bath. Rinse with warm water to wash away extra dye. Ring until the water is clear.
5. Let dry completely.

hanging plantsEmbroidered macrame hanger decoration

You can also add flair to your macrame hanger by wrapping embroidery floss around the hanger. You can apply a variety of colours and patterns to create your
unique designs!
Let’s take an example create some colourful bands and decorate hangers with
them. Here’s how to proceed:

1. Lay an embroidery floss on the table, and then wrap the floss around the section. Keep going until the preferred length has been reached.
2. To complete the section, use a bamboo stick or toothpick to tuck the loose end of the floss into the covered portion.
3. To finish the pattern, repeat this with the other colours. Some good plant options to place in macrame hangers Here are some easy-to-care decorative plant options you can try with your

homemade macrame hangers.
● Golden Pothos.
● String of Pearls.
● Spider Plants.
● Round Leaf Peperomia
● Heartleaf Philodendron.
● String of Hearts.
● Marble Queen
● English Ivy
● Heart Leaf Plant
● Boston Fern

How to maintain outdoor macrame hangers?

hanging plants

You should always use cotton macrame hangers for indoor spaces. And you can wash them by using a mild detergent powder/liquid, cold water (never hot), and a clean white cloth. When cleaning the macrame, remove the plant and give it enough time to dry.

To maintain a macrame plant hanger, you can also use the waterproofing technique described on the Bob Vila website.

● The primary component is wax. Use a double boiler to melt 3 to 4 ozs of paraffin wax and 3 to 4 ozs of beeswax pellets.
● Once they’ve liquefied, you can apply the wax to your item with a small paintbrush, covering a selected area at a time.
● The layer of wax will melt into the fabric if you direct a hair dryer at it while it is on a high.
● As an alternative, after waxing, place the macrame in an old pillowcase and put it in the dryer for around 15 to 20 minutes.


Creating a macrame hanger for hanging indoor and outdoor plants is a new trend that has come again from history. There are many methods to develop macrame hanging plants as per anyone’s choice. And there are many options to decorate them too. Using simple tools, it is very simple to create a macrame hanger at home. And also, anyone can decorate them using dye-dip or embroidery methods


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