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Who am I??

As the author of this website, I am a university student who is in my final year. Along with the diploma course I took in Botany, I have developed a great interest in plants. As a result of my interest in plants, I decided to create this website. I am planning to publish short articles on plants and cultivation, which are very interesting and those who are interested and not so interested in Botany will enjoy them.

Another purpose of presenting this valuable information and articles is to let every adult and child know about our environment.


My purpose is to instill the opportunity for everyone to at least add one plant to our environment and enjoy its serenity. I have also created this website to help identify plants and trees that have been seen physically, but unable to identify.

I will also publish information about worldwide plants and trees that have medicinal and financial value. I will also include information about endangered plants scattered all around the world. Many people are interested in home gardening in a small space. I will publish articles on how to beautify home gardening with a small space, for those who are interested



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