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How Do You Care For Pothos Plants? – Here Are Some Wonderful Tips!

Pothos plants are common houseplants that are available in almost all houses throughout the world. If you are a plant collector or if you have a small space in your home or if you need to decorate your home with beautiful houseplants or if you are a busy person but love to grow plants and don’t have enough time to care for plants or if you are a new plant grower, growing Pothos Plants are the best answer for that. In this article, you are provided with amazing growing tips. Read more: How do you care for Pothos Plants?

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Pothos Plant Care- Dig In For Tips To Growing Healthy Pothos Plants In Your Home!

Overview of Pothos plants

pothos plant

Pothos, Epipremnum aureum are climbing vines with heart shaped leaves and have  knobby adventitious roots along the stems. These belong to the family Aroid. Pothos’ leaves are more textural and thicker. These are evergreen climbers with mature foliage. We can plant this in different ways such as in hanging buckets, or underpainting for large potted plants or indoor planting. 

How do you care for pothos plants?  Do the watering when soil gets fifty percent dry. Pour the water until it comes out from the drainage holes. If you observe yellow leaves, that is the symptom of having low water. So you have to water your pothos plants

Pothos plants need optimum temperature( 65-85oF); they can grow very well at room temperature. Make sure, do not provide direct light because it may cause sun burning. 

Feed liquid fertilizer during the growing season one to  two times per month , but do not feed in winter.

Prune yellow leaves and death plant parts.

In a single pot you can plant several cuttings. Propagation is done by cuttings or air layering.

Golden Pothos Care Tips- How To Care For Golden Pothos?

pothos plant

Golden pothos are very attractive and many people love to grow golden pothos as houseplants because it requires little care. The name golden pothos were introduced because it has heart-shaped leaves, the variegation in yellow. According to research findings, this plant is a natural air purifier as well as helps to remove toxins.  It can grow in dark conditions too. You can plant either in pots or can train to wall. It is because they can climb up to 60 feets. Although these plants give beauty to your home, they are harmful to your pets and children  because they contain toxic compounds. So should keep away from your pets. 

These plants need low to medium direct light. If the temperature is too high that may cause plant death. Do the watering if soil gets dry to prevent diseases. In addition to that use well drained soil and pots to maintain well humidity required for plant growth. Overwatering may cause death. This is the most common problem associated with growing golden pothos. In the spring and summer feed the plants with organic fertilizers. In winter if plants show nutrient deficiencies only you can feed them. You can do repotting every two years. Remove or cut off death leaves, stem parts, potting media and veins well to grow healthy plants.


Pothos Plant Care Indoor– Know And Grow Pothos!.

Pothos plants normally grow indoors. In winter, these plants are dormant, they are in an inactive stage. So no need for more caring during winter. During winter keep your plants near the window and twice a day it should be rotated to get proper light if not you can use artificial light sources. You can water every 1 to 2 weeks. But make sure during winter do not water if the plant has sufficient amounts of water. 

Main problem is pests. Therefore you can use natural pesticides such as neem oil, soap solution to prevent pest attack. Also their foliage is a toxin for pests as well as humans, so keep away from them. 


What’s More-Pothos Plant Care Yellow Leaves.

Let’s see what are the reasons for yellow leaves in pothos plants and how to overcome them? . Actually, this may be due to lack of water or root rot or dry soil or low humid level or dead leaves or otherwise nutrition deficiency or disease and pest attack or natural yellowing.

Luckily if you identify yellowing you can protect your pothos plant. So what you can do to overcome such problems is when surface soil gets 25% dry, do the watering. Cut off overwater. Use well drained soil as a potting mixture. Provide medium to low light and proper temperature 70-85oF. Clean your plant once a week. Remove or prune dead leaves and stem parts. If there is pestattack spray insecticides. When new leaves start to grow old leaves may turn to yellow.

So, if you find any of the above care should be done to prevent them. pothos plant


Pothos plants are houseplants which can grow easily with minimum attention and in little space. Here we provide enough details to care for your pothos plant. Hope you will enjoy growing your pothos plant. 

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