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How To Grow Desert Rose? – Here Are The Easiest Ways At a Glance!

Many of us love to grow flowers and it is a famous hobby for many. If you are a rose lover and have a dream to grow a desert rose backyard or front yard of your home with a poor sound on how to grow a desert rose? Do not worry, we are here to help you. Never give up. In this article, we will share information on how to grow desert rose successfully.

desert rose

So, be with us to find out more in this regard.

How to grow desert rose indoor?- Read On To Learn More!

Overview on Desert Rose

A desert rose is not a rose at all. This is a popular ornamental plant in most countries. Desert rose, Adenium obesum ,belongs to the family  Apocynaceae. According to DIMMITT et al., 2009, desert rose was found in the sub Saharan region of Africa, from Sudan to Kenya and west of Senegal to south of Natal and Swaziland.

If you like to read more on desert rose , read the article on desert rose plants. 

How to grow desert rose indoor?

According to the University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences, Desert rose are sun loving plants, they can grow from 70oF to 100oF. Under this condition, it will bloom beautifully.  But in winter below 32oF, leaf yellowing and leaf drop may occur. So , you must keep plants indoors during winter upto spring arrives. Plants are in a semi-domain state during winter. No need for watering, because stems can store enough water. Anyhow if the potting media is getting dry you have to add water. But we have to provide bright and direct light. You can do pruning during winter. The plant desert website recommended, do not feed desert rose and do not add more water during winter. 

desert rose

How to grow desert rose bonsai?- Is it a challenge to grow desert rose bonsai?

desert rose

If yes, read this. You no longer need more space, more attention and  time. As an indoor plant, these can be grown in small containers. During winter, this plant requires less water due to succulent nature. Soil should be moderately moist, not wet during winter months because plants are not actively growing. Ensure your pot has enough holes in the bottom to drain. You can apply fertilizer once per month except winter. Keep the pots or plants that have bright sunlight during spring to bloom beautifully. Desert rose bonsai bloom for several weeks during spring and warm conditions. By stopping over watering, plants can be protected from root rot. 

How to grow desert rose from seed?- Do you have difficulties? Then this is for you!.

desert rose

Let us check out how to grow desert rose from seed.

ROMAHN, 2012 found that desert rose has the potential to propagate from seeds.

Yeah, that is such a remarkable research finding.

He found fresh seeds have a higher rate of germination. Take the fresh seed and soak it overnight to enhance seed germination. After that place one seed every two inches in a well-drained potting mixture, here you can use sand or soil mix. Normally late winter or early spring is the best time to sow seeds. Then seed trays are placed in a cool dry place until leaves will appear. Sprouting will take place after 7 to 10 days. If the medium is dry you can add enough water. Next, you can transfer seedlings to a container having growing media. It must do management practices on time to get a healthy plant. If you do, you can obtain lovely flowers within the same year.

How to grow desert rose from cutting?- Check out Now!


Can you believe that desert roses can be propagated by cutting them?

Of course, yes!

Although seed propagation is the easiest and most successful method, most gardeners prefer to propagate by cutting.  Based on University of Florida research findings, desert rose cuttings should be taken from the tip of the plant preferably 6 inches or longer.  Then Dip them in a fungicide before placing them in pots. Next, allow them to callus. It will take two to six weeks. Daily you have to do watering. 

How to grow desert rose in pots?- Here is the easiest way!

If you do not have enough space in your garden or if you need to grow desert roses as indoor plants, suggest planting in pots. Take a clay/cement/plastic pot. Place a few ‘crocks’ in the bottom of the pot and fill with a potting mixture having sand and surface soil 1:2 ratio. Place cuttings or seedlings and cover with soil. Then do the watering. Place it in a cool dry place until rooting. Daily you have to add water and care upto grow like a healthy plant. If you wish before or after planting you can color the pots with different paints or designs.

Finally, we can conclude that desert rose can be grown more easily from seeds than cuttings. Though it is a sun-loving plant, it is not an indoor plant. But during winter you must keep your plant indoors to protect yourself from the cold climate.

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