garlic plant

Garlic Plant- Learn How To Identify and Grow Garlic At Your Home!

Garlic plant! 

Food and garlic have a strong relationship over time. Where there is food, there is Garlic. Boosting your immunity, reducing blood pressure and cholesterol levels, and preventing cancer, Alzima, and dementia are the primary duties of this fantastic condiment.  Garlic is a perennial plant grown annually and produces edible bulbs. These are used for culinary, traditional, and folk medicinal purposes worldwide.  These are delicious condiments, many homemakers use to prepare delicious recipes.

Growing garlic is straightforward.



If you are a beginner or gardener, it does not matter; you can read our article below and gather more information about the morphological features of garlic plants and growing guidelines. 

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What Do Garlic Plants Look Like- Morphological Features of a Garlic Plant!

Garlic, Allium sativum belongs to the family Amaryllidaceae. This originated in Central Asia. Now it spread all over the world. That is because of favourable climatic and environmental conditions.   According to FAO, approximately 10 million tonnes are grown worldwide annually. This is used for seasoning purposes in many foods around the world. In addition to that used as medicine. 

garlic plant

This plant is classified as a bulb crop. Garlic differs from an onion; garlic produces several cloves rather than one bulb. Garlic also belongs to the onion family. But it differs from onions because of the growth features of garlic bulbs. 

There are two types of garlic: stiff neck and soft neck garlic. Hardneck garlic produce flower stalks, but soft neck garlic does not produce flower stalks. Cloves are covered with thin white skin. Garlic has flat and triangular-shaped leaves and a shallow adventitious root system at the bottom of the bulb.  Garlic contains sulfur compounds which give a strong aroma. Seeds, cloves, or top bulbs can propagate this. 

Plants are grown up to two feet. Leaves start from bulbs. It usually has ten leaves. All parts of the garlic plant are edible. Initially, the leaves are green in color. Later on, it turns yellow. The plant has a fibre root system. These are grown in well-drained soil. 

What’s More. Garlic Plant Flower

As a beginner or gardener, It is good to know that garlic plant flowers do appear. These are green, white, or pinkish and appear as spherical clusters. Flower stalks grow from bulbs. Garlic plant flowers bear seeds. Due to the presence of sulfur compounds in garlic, these flowers give a strong aroma. 

Fully Grown Garlic Plant- What Do Fully Grown Garlic Plants Look Like?

When harvesting, you should have a clear idea about fully-grown garlic plants. The garlic bulb remains below ground. The plant has six to nine leaves. Initially, those are green in color; near harvest, it turns yellow. Plants grow up to 2 feet tall. Leaves arise from bulbs. The bulb is covered by thin white skin. Fully grown bulbs have a spicy aroma compared to younger bulbs.

Garlic Planting Guide

Planting Garlic is not rocket science; it is effortless. Do you have garlic in your kitchen? Let’s see how you can simply plant garlic, as you all use garlic for culinary purposes. Therefore, it is the main condiment available in your kitchen. You can grow garlic quickly in your home garden. Here are the tips. Follow step by step to plant garlic successfully.

garlic plant

According to the Lowa State University Horticulture guide, Take garlic available in your kitchen. Normally planting should be done in early spring or fall. Take a pot; for that, you have to use little larger plastic containers or trays.

Then fill it with compost and surface soil. Remind to leave 2 inches from the top of the container to potting mixture. Then you need to prepare cloves. Remove the head’s papery outer layer, carefully, then separate cloves from the chair without damaging flat bottom plates.  Then plant cloves 1 to 2 inches deep. Distance within two rows should be 3 to 5 inches.

Next, add mulch to prevent moisture losses and maintain a chill environment. For that, you can use paddy husk, weed-free materials. Do the watering twice a day. Once leaves reach 6 inches tall, add a layer of compost. Remove head-neck scapes in early summer. Once you observe leaves turn yellow, stop watering and allow for a wholly hardened bulb. 

garlic plant

How do you harvest garlic? For that, you should have a clear idea about gathering time. The harvesting period will start from July to September. How you can identify it is that stems turn yellow and bottom leaves turn brown. At this time, your garlic is ready to harvest.


Growing garlic is easy if you know the information very well. We hope you got a clear idea about garlic plants and developing guidelines. Enjoy growing your garlic plant at your home. 




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