Chinese money plant

How To Propagate Chinese Money Plants- Here Are The Easiest Ways!

Have you heard about the Chinese Money plant? Many believe that it attracts prosperity and wealth according to Chinese culture. Here are a few tips for propagating the Chinese money plant. Read and get more info on How to Propagate Chinese Money Plants.

In this article, you will learn tips for propagating these beautiful plants and some common diseases associated with these plants. Let’s see. 

Chinese money plant


Overview of Chinese money plants. 

The Chinese money plant, Pilea peperomioides, belongs to the family Urticaceae, which is primarily cultivated in China. This is an ornamental plant that can grow easily indoors or outdoors. The petioles are attached to the middle leathery leaves. Chinese money plants are known as pancake, missionary, and friendship plants. 

Can You Propagate Chinese Money Plants In Water- How You Can Grow A Chinese Money Plant In Water? 


You can use several methods to propagate this unique plant. You can propagate Chinese money plants by root cutting, leaf cutting, stem cutting, or seeds. But propagation from seed is challenging for you. 

First, you should prepare cuttings. For that, you should use a sharp knife or garden shears that should be sterilized before use. Then prepare stem or leaf, or root cuttings.

You can grow stem and leaf cuttings in water containers with a nutrient solution. Once roots develop, you can transfer to pots. It needs little attention because plant parts may be spoiled. 

How can you transfer the Chinese money plant to pot? Take a pool and make drainage holes at the bottom of the pot. Fill the potting mixture, including surface soil and compost. Then plant already prepared cuttings one inch deep. Similarly, if your other plants care, you can do it here. The suitable time for propagation is in spring or summer. In winter, the plant is dormant, and its roots do not develop well, so they do not propagate in winter. 

Under indirect light and medium temperatures, Chinese money plants grow well. And also, plants prefer high humidity and well-drained soil. Moist the ground, but do not make the soil soggy. These do not need much fertilizer; you can feed less and obtain a healthy plant. 

Although several methods exist to propagate Chinese money plants, stem cutting is the easiest and the best way. 

Chinese money plant

Chinese Money Plant Leaves Curling- Why Are Chinese Money Plant Leaves Curling?

What are the reasons for Chinese money plant leaves curling? That may be due to high temperature, direct light, or lack of water. So if you know the curling pattern, you can easily predict the reason for the curling of your plant.  Low light and overwatering result in outward leaf curl. High temperature and nutrient deficiency result in inward leaf curl. 

New leaves are on top of the stem. They are curled initially. So if you find top leaves are curled and others not, do not worry that they are not showing any symptoms. 

Maintain temperature 55-65oF, water at the proper time, and do not add more water. Provide bright but indirect light; if the light is too much may cause scorching of leaves; based on the season and weather outside, arrange your pots. 

Follow the tips mentioned in this article and care about your Chinese money plant. 

Chinese Money Plant Dropping Leaves- Read More!

According to research findings, the reasons Chinese money plants drop leaves are under watering, pest and disease infestation, nutrient deficiency, poor, drained soil, exposure to bright or direct light, and old leaves. So you need to be very careful about these factors when you look after your money plant. 

Overwatering will remain in the pot, which may cause root rot, blocking the transportation system of plants. As a result, leaves dropping can occur. These Plants are succulent; they can store water. Adding more water causes poor drainage. Therefore leaves dropping will happen. 

Plants need enough light to grow healthy. If not, leaves can drop due to a lack of indirect light. 

Chinese money plant

What’s more. Chinese Money Plant Yellow Leaves

Chinese money plant yellow leaves are a common problem in growing these plants. Lack of nutrients or fertilizer, underwatering, less indirect light, and high temperature cause Chinese money plant yellow leaves. Yellow leaves indicate a sign of a lack of nitrogen. So to recover it, you have to feed nitrogen fertilizer.  If there is a lack of water, yellow leaves can be observed. So you have to provide a sufficient amount of water. Cut off or prune old leaves. 

Finally, we can come to the conclusion that Chinese money plants can propagate in water with less effort. If you do management practices properly, you can have well-grown healthy plants. So read this article and gather more information to grow a Chinese money plant in your home successfully. 

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