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Monstera Plant Can Lighten Up Your Space For A Huge Extent!

Monstera is a flowering plant from the Araceae family. It is an evergreen tropical plant from Central America and is native to Mexico. The plant is also known as the Swiss-cheese plant. The Monstera plant is like a dream come true for most plant enthusiasts. Their attractive green color leaves and their peculiar leaf holes will grab your attention instantly. You will be amazed by how this plant can make your ordinary household light up.

%site name% 1 Monstera Plant Can Lighten Up Your Space For A Huge Extent! Monstera Plant Can Lighten Up Your Space For A Huge Extent!

What is special about the Monstera plant?

Leaf holes

When you hear the name Monstera, the first thing that comes to your mind is the leaf holes. These leaf-holes are called fenestrations. According to theories, there is a purpose for these holes. If you are not a beginner, you already know that a Monstera can grow up to a few feet, and with its leaf spreading, it can consume a considerable amount of space. 

As a tropical and rainforest plant, these holes maximize the speckle of the sun. It will allow for receiving more sunlight to the forest floor layer. This arrangement still increases leaf surface area while reducing the leaf cell mass. These large leaves also tolerate heavy rainfall and strong wind. The element would pass through the leaves. 

The leaves do not produce more holes during their lifespan, and the number of holes per leaf is fixed, even before it emerges. However, a well-grown and healthier plant can create leaves with more holes. It is just like fine old wine.

Plant produce fruits

When the plant grows in its natural habitat, it will produce seeds and fruits. The fruits have a hint of strawberries, passion fruit, mango, and pineapple flavor. This is a total feast, and there comes the plant’s name Monstera deliciosa. The fruit is corn-cob-shaped. But the rest of the plant can be poisonous.

monstera plant

Iconic visual for interior decoration

In the contemporary world, the Monstera plant is a representation of fashion, class, and elegance. Its glossy large leaves make it perfect for modern interior designs. The bigger build fills up a spacious room and makes it lively. As the enormously growing plant wishes to climb or trail when it grows, it can be exciting.

Super easy to grow

The easy-growing nature is the foremost reason for the immense popularity of the plant. Anyone can grow this plant without any worries, and it will thrive in a suitable environment.

What are the different types of Monstera?

The most popular variety is Monstera deliciosa which is famous for its glittery dark green colour leaves.

How do you care for a Monstera plant?


The Monstera plant prefers indirect light. However, it withstands bright to medium light.


Watering every one to two weeks is more than enough for the Monstera as the plant prefers a dryness between watering. If the plant is exposed to bright light, then you can increase the frequency of watering.


The Monstera like relatively higher humidity, so it is better to place the plant close to a humidifier. 


As with any other household plant, the Monstera prefers a temperature between 180C-300C. A temperature below 150 C is not suitable for the plant.


Well-drained and aerated potting mixture is ideal for the well-being of the plant.


If you want those beautiful leaves to carry on throughout the year, the fertilizer can help you with it. A foliar liquid fertilizer will do the work.


You can grow a new plant with your existing plant. Go for stem cuttings with leaves or nodes.


Since the plant can grow up to a dozen feet and spread widely, it is good to practice repotting sometimes.  Re-pot the plant after every two to four years. Pruning can also help with overtaking the place.

Pest and diseases

Monstera will rarely bother you. But some plants can be susceptible to bugs or dust. It is best to wipe with a wet cloth, kitchen detergent, or a mild insecticide.

Is Monstera a good indoor plant?

As soon as you hear the word, household plant, you must be wondering, “Is Monstera plant good for home?” The easy-care, warm, and humid climates make it exceptionally good for your indoors. But should be keen to maintain and adjust the space for the plant while preserving your household interior.

monstera plantmonstera plant

Where Can I buy Monsteras?

You can buy your Monstera from a certified nursery or, now there are lots of online options. You don’t have to worry about the affordability. Despite its grand appearance, the price is reasonable for its rewarding grace.

Monstera, a plant that was discovered in the 19th century, now has exponential popularity.  The majority of new growers favor this plant as it is hard to kill a Monstera plant.   Now it occupies a significant role from a typical household to exotic buildings and fashion platforms. So, take your chance to experience the beauty of a Monstera.

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