Member of Mint Family – The Lavender Plants with a Sweet Floral Fragrance

The Lavender plant is a commonly grown herb plant popular due to its fragrant aroma. It is a genus of 47 known species of plants of flowering in the mint family. Most of the genera are cultivated widely in temperate climates like ornamental plants. And also, lavender plants use as culinary herbs as well as commercially for the extraction of essential oils. Lavender has been used over many years in traditional medicine and cosmetics. Lavender is native to both Europe and the Mediterranean. But the specialty is it can be grown in the different zone as well as climates. 

Growing lavender plants indoors


If we think about how to grow lavender indoor, it is a very much important thing. There is the biggest problem that arises when anyone is growing lavender plants indoors. That is light. Lavender wants hot and bright sunshine to get the lovely foliage and scented blooms that everyone loves. You must invest in grow lights if you don’t have enough natural light. There are some dos and don’ts when growing lavender plants. When it comes to-dos, they are; 

  • It’s important to give the plant the maximum amount of light possible. 
  • The plant grows in a well-draining as well as rocky medium. So, regularly try to supplement traditional potting soil with limestone.
  • Alkaline should be added to the soil.
  • Plant your lavender in a pot of terra-cotta.

When it comes to the don’ts, they are;

  • Over-water – lavender plants trouble to bounce back once they’re waterlogged. 
  • In the winter, roast your lavender plant. It likes heat. The plant will live and be ready to force new growth in the spring in a calm environment. 
  • Here, we can pose a question will my lavender survive winter? Lavender plants can tolerate both heat as well as server cold. While most plants survive the winter months without much fuss, fewer winter precautions help to keep the plants looking their best. Although lavender is a hard plant, winter winds can cause damage to the branches as well as foliage. You can protect your lavender by planting it in a protected area. And also, you can save your lavender by erecting a windbreak around plants in early winter. During winter, plants will not produce much or no new growth. In that time plant wants to rest.  
  • Don’t forget to do research.
  • Pour water over the plant’s top. Pour the water onto the soil directly. Splashing water on the plant’s foliage might cause mold and bug infestations.


Proper planting and care of purchased lavender plants

When we are buying lavender, we must check height, spread, and hardiness. Lavender is different in size, and some are much harder than others once. If we think about where to buy lavender plants, immediately our mind goes to the shop which sells lavender plants. We can buy these plants online also. After purchasing, we must find the answer for where to plant lavender. Lavenders grow in an open area in full sunshine in a well-drained and neutral to alkaline soil. They cope properly with drought conditions and may suffer in wet, heavy soils, mainly over winter. Both tender and half-hardy lavenders are best grown in pots. Therefore, they can be reached to light, an airy frost-free spot for winter.  

Light – Lavender wants full sun and well-drained soil to grow in the best way.

Soil – Plants grow properly from low to moderate fertilize soil. Therefore, don’t make the soil with organic matter before planting. 

Spacing – Depending on the differences, the plant’s space must be 1 to 3 feet apart. 

After planting, we must take care lavender plant care. In that case, the prune of lavender plants is very important. What happens if you don’t prune lavender? If you don’t prune lavender, the plant becomes overgrown, scraggly as well as it might not bloom as heavily.


Uses of Lavender plants

There has an answer for what is lavender good for. Lavender treats headaches, toothaches, sprains, nerve discomfort, sores, and joint pain. Restlessness, sleeplessness, anxiousness, and depression are all treated with lavender. Some people use lavender in their bathwater to help with circulation and mental health.

Lavender is also used to flavor foods and beverages, cosmetics, fragrances, potpourri, and decorations. And also, most people think about why does lavender smell so good? Lavender is a flowery and sweet aroma with herbal notes and balsamic undertones. Lavender is often used in cleaning products and scenting clothes and body items due to its light and pleasant scent. The scent of true lavender is similar to that of camphor. Lavender is a simple plant to grow and popular essential oil that can be obtained in stores worldwide


The Lavender plant is a multipurpose plant. Lavender has significant economic value due to its medicinal and cosmetic properties. Perfumes, talc, essential body oils, night creams, lotions, soaps, and other cosmetics goods all include it. Aromatherapy using lavender essential oils is employed in a variety of herbal spas and hotel businesses worldwide. Lavender can be dried or crushed, and it can be preserved in jars. 

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